Whether the improvement plans have been approved, or the project is still in the planning phase, having the improvements (buildings, roads, pools, etc.) staked precisely where they were planned on the project site gives you a clear idea of what the feel and look of the finished site will be. In addition, having the planned improvement locations staked for the contractor assists in maintaining an efficient project workflow. This gives the contractor reliable, accurate positions for the improvements to reference as he/she moves on to each phase in the construction process.

Construction Staking is generally necessary for:

  • Preliminary site planning and design layout for new projects.
  • Constructing improvements on the building property setback lines.
  • Prior to grading & excavating for new roads, buildings, pools, septic systems, etc.
  • Prior to constructing the foundation for new buildings.

Construction Certifications This may include certifying concrete forms, setbacks, the height of roof, or any other certification the local agency may require during construction.

Construction Certifications are generally necessary for:

  • Construction that is near or in a FEMA Flood Zone.
  • When local agencies request specific improvements to be verified if it is suspected that they violate their agency's standards.
Construction Survey